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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stay Still Life

Stay Still Life.
A simple Still Life can say so much. 
A quick two day Still Life study with 
few 9 years old girls. 

We started sketching flowers and focusing on shape and texture. 

Using acrylic paints and a very loose style 
we designed each flower from the inside out. 



Each artist created their own beautiful 
interpretations of the flowers. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Posh Pumpkins


smallSHOP likes 
to put a spin pumpkins each year. 
So, this year we headed to the sea. 
If Tiffany were on a Seaside Holiday 
if Tiffany were a pumpkin,
we think that it might look like this:

Simple Steps: 

1. Find some nice pumpkins: 

Paint one solid color. 
We choose spray paint and the color Flipper:

3. Embellish with Seashells, Paint Pens and Glitter:

Display proudly: 

Happy Halloween!

And remember, 
do something creative today!

Sage and smallSHOP

Thursday, September 10, 2015


smallSHOP is getting crafty
Playing in the kids tent at the 
beautiful wedding of Anna Getty in Big Sur, 
we whipped up 60 of these precious wooden dolls 
with little guests of all ages. 

First, a beautiful inviting table. 

Next, dolls ready and waiting...

And best, let the kids get creative. 

It was so much fun to see 
what they came up with. 

We created our own little village.
Looks like some villagers
like to sing. 
 The queen's of the ball. 

Do something creative today!

Sage and smallSHOP

Monday, June 8, 2015

Book Page Pets

Upcycled Book 
Page Pets!
New life for an old book!

Our kindergarten 
smallSHOP artists 
made their own adorable pets
using discarded book pages, 
found paper and imagination!

We learned how to plan a collage 
build an animal from shapes.

We practiced cutting skills 
added lots of details to make 
our pets extra special.

And we realized that inspiring art making
materials can be found all around us!

What else can you create 
from recycled materials?

Have fun!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


smallSHOP takes on a masterpiece
This spring, smallSHOP 
worked with the team at Bugaboo 
and created mini masterpieces.  

Inspired by Van Gogh's Almond Blossom painting 
they painted with Van Gogh's technique and their own creativity. 

We were so inspired we decided to continue 
the fun with our kid's classes!
These beauties were painted by 9 and 10 year old artists:

We love the thick paint and loose brushwork
paired with Van Gogh's careful cross contouring. 

It's a treat to see how every artist 
puts their own spin on the master!

Keep Creating!


Mixed Media Abstraction

Adorable Abstraction
6 year old smallSHOP artists explored abstraction
with amazing results!
We layered overlapping geometric shapes
and used repetition to create rhythm in our artwork.
We made thoughtful color choices
using layers of gouache, watercolor pencils and paint pens.
We carved a pattern into round pieces of scratch foam
and added a layer of printmaking.
We let our paint drip and our prints be imperfect.
Instead of sticking to a plan, 
we let the artwork tell us where to go next.
Exploring different materials 
and embracing the "happy accident" 
creates a playful, experimental environment 
where these young artists shine.

We love the vivid, rhythmic energy of these pieces 
and we're so inspired by our little artist's
 adventurous art making.

Have a creative day!


Cast Plaster Hand Planters

Pristine Plaster Planters

A breathtaking piece of sculpture +
an advanced drawing lesson =
a multimedia exploration of hands

Our advanced 9 and 10 year old smallSHOP artists
were ready for a serious challenge:
Time to tackle drawing those tricky hands!

We studied our hands sculpturally by creating a plaster cast.
The kids cupped their hand to form a planter
and each piece because a home for it's very own air plant!

While the plaster dried, we investigated hands through drawing.
Through tips, tricks, experimentation and practice
each student created a playful portfolio documenting their process.




We are SO proud of our 
smallSHOP artists
and their artistic journey.

These beautiful planters 
are timeless treasure
preserving their brilliant
 little hands for years to come.

Keep Exploring!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Robot Invasion!

Adorable mixed media robots 
have been spotted all over 
the greater Los Angeles area

Be on the lookout for friendly, colorful robots
with layers of painted stripes and patterns...

 ... and customized sparkly buttons, bolts, gears and read out screens!

4 - 6 year old smallSHOP artists designed and built 
these incredible robotic creations.

First, we assembled and painted wooden blocks:

Then we taped and painted our robot's designs 
added mixed media pieces 
to bring our mini machines to life!

We studied our sculptural robots
and learned to draw and stack 3D shapes
to create a portrait of our robot in motion!

We had a blast putting our imagination 
art skills to work.

Have fun and keep creating!