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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mixed Media Abstraction

Adorable Abstraction
6 year old smallSHOP artists explored abstraction
with amazing results!
We layered overlapping geometric shapes
and used repetition to create rhythm in our artwork.
We made thoughtful color choices
using layers of gouache, watercolor pencils and paint pens.
We carved a pattern into round pieces of scratch foam
and added a layer of printmaking.
We let our paint drip and our prints be imperfect.
Instead of sticking to a plan, 
we let the artwork tell us where to go next.
Exploring different materials 
and embracing the "happy accident" 
creates a playful, experimental environment 
where these young artists shine.

We love the vivid, rhythmic energy of these pieces 
and we're so inspired by our little artist's
 adventurous art making.

Have a creative day!