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Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Her...

It is a crazy love that I have for Imogen Cunningham. Since first hearing about her in undergrad to teaching about her with my students, when I speak of her, I smile. She epitomizes for me a woman who lived as an artist. Her work is so strong in composition and contrast while being so feminine and serene. 

I mentioned to my husband years ago that my favorite photograph is the one above of Imogen and 70's model Twinka. I saw it in person once and absolutely fell head over heels for it. Years later for our fifth wedding anniversary I arrived home to find an original print hanging. I ran to it, I could not believe that it was really mine. A beautiful photo of a beautiful artist. I covet this photo to this day and know I always will. It is a reminder of the kind of woman I want to be: brave, artistic, free and to live to be very, very old. If you do not know Imogen Cunningham's work or story of growing up a scientist, photographing flowers for botany studies to becoming one of the few, if not the first, recognized female photographers, I recommend a quick tutorial here. To see more of her photographs go here. 


1. Shares a birthday with my mom. 
2. Her name, I adore the name Imogen.
3. Her flowers. Can I please just crawl inside one and stay forever?
4. Her peace sign camera strap.
5. Her texture, lighting and composition.