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Friday, July 8, 2011

HELLA COOL compliments of DWELL

While reading through the July/August issue of DWELL I was particularly impressed and inspired by Hella Jongerius. Being someone who loves and appreciates the ceramic arts, I am always happy to be introduced to an Artist's process. 
Her glaze samples on their own are interesting in texture and color. At her Misfit exhibition in Rotterdam this installation included 300 vases creating one of the most beautiful color wheels that I have ever seen. A close up of these vases show the overlapping color swatches and gradation of color. Even her color experiment plates are aesthetically pleasing and an idea I may borrow on my next family visit to Color Me Mine.
Here are more ceramic artworks that I find inspiring. Enjoy!

1. Hella Jongerius 2. Heller Jongerius
3. Nathalie Dérouet  4. Donna Wilson
5. Ricochet Studio