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Thursday, November 3, 2011

smallSHOP Artist Christina Tonges

smallSHOP Artist Christina Tonges is not only an incredible teacher,
she is an accomplished artist.
Please check out the wonderful shout out she got on Please Note Paper 
(please click here to be linked).
We are so happy that she is part of our team.

Here are few of my favorite works of art by Christina.
To view more of her art and choose your favorites, please check out her Etsy shop

Two Birds

And please share with your little artists, it is exciting to see your teacher in a new environment and I am sure that they would love to see her art.

And remember we teach adults too! So if you are feeling creative and want a supportive little shadow helping you along the way, please give a call and we will be that shadow.

Have a wonderful day and keep creating.

Best Wishes,
Sage and smallSHOP