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Saturday, November 19, 2011

We are thankful for you...

Here at smallSHOP we know that it takes a village and we are thankful for ours. 
This Thanksgiving we want to share a big thank you to the amazing little artists 
who share their afternoons and birthday parties with us. 

And a very special thank you to the parents who invite us into your homes and 
share your talented and inspiring children with us. 

As artists we could not think of anything better than spending our days exploring new media and creating new projects. As educators we could not dream of better people to share these ideas and days with than our incredible students. 

We also want to extend are heartfelt thank you to our fellow entrepreneurs who lent their advice, expertise and support to smallSHOP these past few months. We appreciate your help and encouragement. DesignLoveFest, Emily Henderson, BashPleaseDaily Candy KidsThe List CollectiveCecyJCharley StarFiore BeautyThe LifestyledBonnie TsangPetit Bateau & Blogshop

To our friends, students, parents and our village, may your 
Thanksgiving be filled with special moments and gratitude.

From the bottom of our hearts, 
Thank you. 

All of us at smallSHOP

To our sweet students... we are thinking of you.

To our dear friends and supporters...Thank you. 

Have a wonderful, creativity filled Holiday!