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Sunday, February 26, 2012

smallSHOP 5 and 6 years olds and their bouquets..

A simple project that is fun and easy to set up is a still life. 

A perfect Sunday project. 
Look around your home. 
Choose a few objects. 
Arrange them. 
Draw them with a pencil. 

A few hints: Draw bigger than you think you should. Draw the outline of each shape first following the shape with your eyes while your hand draws what your eye is seeing (blind contour). Do not judge it, just go for it. Celebrate the unusual shapes and strange lines that you have created. 

Finish the drawing and then add the color. Chalk pastel is fun, quick and beautiful. Spray to finish, if you do not have fixative, hair spray works and smells much nicer. Have fun!

For this still life we chose gerber daisies. 
Each child focused on their flower for the most details and then added the background with the other flowers. Our media of choice was chalk pastel. I tend to encourage a colored paper to start with, sometimes white can be a little intimidating, I find gray welcoming. 
"Hello little artist, please draw on me."
A taped edge (with painters blue tape) is a nice start and once finished, pulling the tape and seeing the clean edge allows the organic shapes to breathe while being contained in a clean box. 

As always, 
Have a creative day!