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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

smallSHOP gets Room-y - 3D spaces

A 3D room lesson is always a "go-to" project. 
You get serious bang for your buck!
The children are always in awe of what they can create. 

We breakdown 3D design into simple steps.
When you explain to any beginner that it is simply straight and diagonal lines, 
it makes it much less intimidating. And from then on it is practice. 

I like to talk about the way we "see" a place and then how to really "look" at it. What I mean by this is, we often times look and process by memory, "yes it is a room, I see that." But when drawing you must really LOOK at it and translate it into the simplest shapes and lines. 
Once you have created the "room" you can fill it with objects of your liking. 

Above are a few examples of a pencil sketch, chalk pastel renditions and an acrylic painting. 
I encourage you all to draw a rectangle. 
Connect each corner to the corner of your paper. Voila - a room. 
Now fill it. 

As Always, 
Have a creative day