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Friday, May 18, 2012

Books - not for reading.

Today my student's told me that I was the ANTI-teacher, 
which I took as a compliment. 

We were working on a sculpture from an old book. 
My instructions were:
They loved it. 

One girl said that it was her dream to rip a page out of a book, 
well smallSHOP makes dreams come true and so I said,
"go ahead and rip ONE."

We spent the hour folding old hardbound books 
that I picked up at Goodwill .
One little lady had a book (an Italian Dictionary) 
with 1200 pages and she got to page 502. 

We will be adding some layers to these, 
perhaps stitching, another book, some color, 
we are letting it evolve. 

An easy and fun project.
Cleanest project ever!

We are loving it. 
Give it a try. 

Sage and smallSHOP