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Friday, July 13, 2012

smallSHOP goes to India

one country at a time

smallSHOP was invited to spend some time with the 
street kids from Salaam Baalak Trust in Mumbai, India.  

So, my kids and I headed over to the center, with founder 
Dinaz Stafford and found ourselves making art, 
making new friends and deeply moved & motivated. 

While traveling India with 2 young children many questions arise, especially about the families living on the street and begging for money at each stoplight. With the help of Salaam Baalak Trust, I was able to explain that giving a few dollars to one child may help for a minute, but to change lives and direction you must help to solve the problem as a whole, not each little part. 

And that is what this incredible foundation does. It gets the kids off the street and into school. It provides a safe, clean space for them each day to come and be supported. The volunteers provide food, tutoring, emotional support and a community for each child. They insure that children go to school. They congratulate and stick with these kids even after they graduate. 

While we were there we heard that one of the past Salaam Baalak street kids had just opened their own restaurant! 

smallSHOP has committed to partnering with Salaam Baalak Trust. Please stay tuned to find out how you can lend a little support, in the meantime head over to their website and learn a bit more about these incredible children who have taken their destiny into their own hands, being lead a supported by dedicated and loving volunteers. 

smallSHOP says a big THANK YOU to all the Salaam Baalak kids for inviting us into to your community. 

We are so happy to learn that bringing art to these incredible children made them feel special, but honestly they made us feel like family and I think happier than we made them. 


As always, have a creative day. 
And if you happen to be traveling this summer or even staying at home, think about taking your children and volunteering at a foundation, you will be happy that you did.