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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You spin me round round baby round round...

You are never to young to start your art career. 
Age three sounds good to me. 

Above is my son Joaquin, a budding 3 years old artist. 
He has already gone through his BLUE period, where he literally cried through his paintings, but did not want to stop. And now he is venturing into a more free and less emotional art time. 

smallSHOP starts our lessons at age 3, because we like to them going when they are less likely to judge their work and really want to explore and have fun with the materials and subject matter. 

So what do you do with 3 year olds?
Good Question!
One Idea: SPIN ART

Check out Ms. Xylia Holz' 3rd Birthday party below. 
smallSHOP brought the fun with 
2 motorized spin art machines, paints, glitter, circles and squares. 

It surely is a challenge to come up with a project that: 
 Entertains 15 three years old guests
Can be done in 5 minutes
Ends up looking great 
The kids have fun
But we at smallSHOP are always up for challenges. 

And although I came home covered in sparkles and 
still have a bit of paint embedded in my nails. 
It was totally worth it!

Happy Birthday Xylia 
and thanks for sharing your special day with