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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Color Me smallSHOP

We took our designs to the local Color Me Mine
Many parents love the process of going to Color Me Mine, 
sitting and painting and creating a usable work of art, 
but it is what you bring home that is not always your favorite. 

Gone are the days of dog shaped piggy banks 
and your 3rd Minnie Mouse statue. 

smallSHOP decided to find a way to utilize how wonderful 
Color Me Mine can be, while creating items that 
both the kids and parents love. 

Check out our platters and plates created by 
children ages 5-13.

And the next rainy day when you are on your way...
remember what these kids made with a simple plate
and try out your own. 

Or you can of course call smallSHOP 
and we will bring everything to you
with an art teacher too!

Have a wonderful and creative day, 
Sage and smallSHOP