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Friday, December 7, 2012

Top That Tree!

teamed up to create the perfect tree topper
for her last year Holiday Special watch the episode here
Or just watch the smallSHOP highlight here: 

Our only instructions were,
"I like turquoise and I do not mind birds."
Well here you go Little Miss Henderson... remember this beauty?

Floral Foam 2 1/2 circles
Silver Spray Paint
Card stock in your palette of color
Circle paper hole puncher 1 "
White Birds
White feathers
Dried flower pom pom 
Fringe yarn in your color palette
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

Spray the two floral foam 1/2's with silver spray paint 
and set aside to dry. 

Hole punch your palette of colored circles. 
Amount depending on the size of your floral foam - 
but more is better. 

Start in the center of one of the floral foam 1/2's and start sticking the circles into the foam using a circular pattern,
like a mums flower & follow up with the second 1/2. 

Hot glue the pieces together to make a sphere. 
Add the feathers to the top. 
Place the birds. 
Add some dried pom poms. 
Add fringe yarn to cover the seam. 

And voilĂ !
Top that tree.