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Friday, December 12, 2014

Silhouette Ornament DIY

Make Your Own Keepsake Ornament
In 4 easy steps
Mini canvas, paint, ribbon, x-acto knife, hot glue, mod podge
and a mini print out of your child's profile

Extra fun...
Add on glitter, collage pieces, metallic pen, stickers - get creative!

STEP 1 - The Silhouette:
Snap a photo of your child in profile.
Print it small on card stock and carefully cut out with an X-acto

STEP 2 - Paint and Decorate!
Paint the mini canvas any color or colors you would like. 
Cover the silhouette with black paint and set aside to dry. 
Add glitter, collage pieces, stickers, anything to the canvas. 

STEP 3 - Seal with Mod Podge
Glue everything down and cover with a coat of mod lodge -
(Don't worry it dries clear)

STEP 4 - Add Ribbon to Hang
Run a line of hot glue down each side of the canvas

and press the ribbon into place

How about one for each sibling?

What better way to spend the 
holiday than crafting together?

Have A Creative Day!