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Monday, February 21, 2011

Get to Know Us!

Who are we?
smallSHOP is a luxury in home studio art experience, owned and operated by artist Sage Raval.

Who is Sage Raval?
Sage has been a private art teacher for more than 12 years and smallSHOP is her expansion of creative tailored lessons for all young artists.

What is her experience?
She has been a guest artist teacher at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, an Elementary School Art Teacher, a collaborator with galleries and artists for children workshops and a director of a successful private art business. She has a Masters in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And has actively been working with children and some of the same families for over 12 years. 

What do we do?
Fine Artists create a pop up art studio in your home including all supplies and instruction. Our instructors lead lessons using a wide variety of materials and themes. We teach everything from painting to drawing from ceramics to film and everything in between.

How do we teach?
We teach with patience, encouragement, tricks of the trade and lead the young artists through a process. We believe that introducing children to materials and ideas in a nurturing environment and encouraging them to try something new is an important step to creating artwork that the children are proud of. Our finished product includes a happy artist and a beautiful work of art.

Who comes to your house?
A sweet, patient and talented artist who was handpicked and trained personally by Sage Raval will come to your home for either a one hour, one and a half hour and sometimes a two hour lesson. Our lessons are weekly and ongoing.

Why do we teach art?
Because we love kids, we love art and we love the art kids create. We want to foster the whole child with well-rounded development. We believe it is an important practice that helps kids with their creativity, their self-esteem, their fine motor skills, and their knowledge of art history. As many schools are depleting their art classes, it is becoming essential that art is offered to more kids of all ages and we are here to meet those requests with a thoughtful, researched, and fun environment for kids of all ages.