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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Collage Me Please

Jason Laferrera has taken a media of maps and repurposed them to represent this fab fox: Virginia Red Fox.

Tennessee Mockingbird
I am a sucker for a cute bird and this little Tennessee Mockingbird is so sweet.

Nautical Papercut Art "A Day at the Sea"
And this unique nautical paper cut illustration. It was hand drawn and painted on water color paper Michelle Tavares.

The technique of collage is exciting and many artists push the boundaries with the materials they choose to use. Long gone are the days of only Henri Matisse and the limitations of a simple flat color palette and basic shapes. Although I do love Matisse and believe that introducing young artists to his work is important, I try to balance my collage instruction with some contemporary artists. I find myself drawn to artists like Jason Laferrera and Michelle Tavares. Our students find their creativity and fine motor skills exercised by using different textures and mediums in the art of collage.